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What to Expect

First, I meet with the parent(s) and the student to identify learning goals and create an initial schedule (usually at least one hour per-week per-subject). Ideally, communication is also initiated with teachers and/or a school Learning Specialist to complete the circle of care for the student. Then, we begin regular sessions, with the understanding that my primary objective will always be to guide the student to a self-sufficiency that precludes further tutoring.
  A Typical Session

1. First, check-in for any "Red Alerts"—current assignments the student would like to be sure and address during the session.

2. Often, a quick warm-up exercise to
a. Start the session with a success
b. Get in gear for learning
c. Review/assess previously covered material

3. Careful skill-building exercises and activities—always related to agreed-upon learning goals and also directly related to school work whenever possible—designed to build deep understanding and self-sufficiency. The guiding principles are:
a. Students have to succeed to stay motivated—learning will be "chunked" accordingly.
b. A new skill will be introduced first with an "I do it, we do it, you do it" format.
c. Skills that prove difficult for a student will be revisited with a variety of multi-sensory techniques until the most effective is revealed.

4. Review/assessment of learning and preview of next session.

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