Mike L. Miller
Developmental Learning Specialist

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  Experience and Training

Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes, Santa Rosa, CA Jan 2008

Making Math Real, Sunnyvale, CA Sep/Dec 2007

MA Developmental Teacher Education w/ Elementary Credential
UC Berkeley, 2004
*Student taught first, second, fifth and sixth grades

BA Liberal Studies and Critical Social Thought
San Francisco State University, 2001 Cum Laude
*Volunteer math tutor at Sanchez Elementary, San Francisco

Learning Specialist K-8, Bentley School, 2015-2018
Science Camp Instructor/Manager, Science Adventures, 2002-2004
Education Lead, USS Pampanito WWII Submarine, 2000-2002
Test Preparation Tutor, Ivy West Tutoring Service, 2000-2002
Multiple Subject Tutor, San Francisco Educational Services, 1998-2000
English Composition Tutor, The Writing Success Project, CCSF 1998
After-School Teaching Assistant, Ohlone School, Palo Alto, 1993-1994

Further Influences

Rick LaVoie — Starting from the simple premise that people who decide to teach generally like school and students who need help generally don't, LaVoie ingeniously reveals to teachers the depth of pain suffered by kids who struggle in the classroom and teaches us a deeply compassionate approach. http://www.ricklavoie.com/

All Kinds of Minds — The work of All Kinds of Minds and Schools Attuned provides a powerful framework for a teacher to identify and remediate the specific struggles of a given student. They assert that a good teacher helps a student identify and use her strengths to overcome those struggles and the "Educational Care" model shows the importance of communications between all educators and care-givers--a circle of care--for providing consistent, effective learning help for a child. http://www.allkindsofminds.org/

Ron Kurtz — His Hakomi method's emphasis on establishing mindfulness and respect for the innate wisdom of the client speaks directly to my practice. http://hakomi.com.au/about-hakomi/

Alfie Kohn — In his book Punished By Rewards, Kohn makes clear the negative cumulative effect of systems of rewards and punishments. My initial approach and eternal goal will always be to introduce students to the intrinsic motivation that comes from success. http://www.alfiekohn.org/

Jabari Anderson — Mr. Anderson's professional generosity, decades of experience, and deep commitment to education have permanently improved the quality and care I bring to my work. In conversation with Jabari, I have come to better understand the idea that there is no "time's up!" moment for building foundational academic skills.Though early intervention is almost always preferable, proper intervention and support can remediate areas of challenge at any age, and educators must not view learners' challenges as fixed aspects of their nature, working primarily on coping strategies, while possibly depriving them of genuinely overcoming the very challenges with which they are learning to cope. I am forever grateful and wholeheartedly endorse him as a provider and resource for Bay Area families http://jabaridyslexiaspecialist.com/

A Little More About Mike

In addition to being a lifelong learner and teacher, Mike is a world-ranked competitive pinball player, creates giant soap bubble displays, and wishes he made it to the movies more often. He lives in Oakland with his wife, Emily, who teaches art in Oakland, their 6-year-old, Delilah, who speaks with authority and enthusiasm in equal measure, and 8-year-old, Natasha, who teaches her parents how to sing and dance with the appropriate degree of aesthetic aplomb.

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